Military/Overseas Voters


Voting Instructions

Log-in error messages
If you receive an error message, please verify that you entered your information accurately.
If you continue to have trouble, please contact the Chicago Board of Elections.

To Select a Candidate:
1. Select the empty box to the left of your selection. Use your mouse, keyboard Tab (or touch if on a tablet) to select a box. After selecting the box (or using the space bar on a keyboard), the box should be filled with an X.
2. To change your selection, touch your original selection again to remove the X and then make a different selection.
3. If you do not wish to vote for any of the selections, leave the box (or boxes) empty.
4. Move through the ballot by selecting the page numbers at the bottom. Once you have reached the last page and made all selections, select “Preview and Print.”

To Write-In a Candidate:
Write-in spaces only appear for offices that have the possibility of a write-in vote. Do NOT use the write-in spaces to enter names that already appear on the ballot.
1. To vote for a candidate not on the ballot, select the box to the left of "Write-In" and type the name of the candidate.
2. To vote for a write-in candidate, you must type in the candidate's name and enter an X in the box.
3. If you change your mind, delete the name you typed in and X another candidate. You may also make no selection in that contest.

Reviewing the Ballot
1. After you select Preview and Print button, your selections for each page will appear.
2. As with voting, select each page or the Previous button to review the previous page or the Next button to view the next page.
3. If you are satisfied with all of your selections, you then may go to the last page and select the Print button.
4. If you wish to change or update any selections, select the Update Selections button.

Printing and mailing your voted ballot
1. The system will provide you with your marked ballot.
2. You must return your ballot to the Chicago Board of Elections for your vote to count!
3. Here are the complete instructions for returning your ballot to the Board of Elections.
4. Also be sure to print out and sign your ballot certification.
5. Also be sure to print out the label for mailing your ballot.